Butterfly stilt walkers London

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

4 of our beautiful butterfly stilt walkers have just been hired to perform at a for a festival in London. Our butterfly stilt walkers are sure to impress guests with their huge colourful wings and beautiful stilt walking girls! Our London stilt walkers include butterfly stilt walkers, masquerade stilt walkers, circus stilt walkers, Halloween stilt walkers, Christmas stilt walkers and more! Our London butterfly stilt walkers are perfect for summer events and parties.

We have 4 butterfly stitl walkers available on either peg stilts or traditional stilts.

Our butterfly stitl walkers come in a variety of bright colours guaranteed to get everyones attention.

To hire our butterfly stilt walkers get in touch...

email: info@heartburnentertainmentworldwide.com
call: 07702114200 0r 07713186007