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Acts: juggling cube performers & spinning cube performers

Our world class juggling cube performer is ideal for all circus events as well as themed events.

Our juggling cube (also known as spinning cube) is a visually stunning piece of traditional high end circus equipment.

Our juggling cube show is a feat of strength and agility. As the cube is beautifully manipulated around the body, your guests will be left amazed as this chrome cube reflects the light and becomes a beautiful optical illusion as it spins. This show is suitable for corporate events, weddings, festivals and more.

Our spinning cube show is available with LEDs and lasers for a truly breathtaking spectacle.

The juggling cube is over 4 foot high making it a great centerpiece act at any event.

The performer spins the cube around themselves showing amazing strength and agility.

This unique performance combines strength and beauty to create a world of abstract shapes.

Our spinning cube was hired by HSBC as part of their twisted circus Halloween show.

Get in touch now to hire our juggling cube/spinning cube performer for your next event...


Our juggling cube performers and spinning cube performers are available to hire all over the UK and Ireland including: London, Birmingham, Chorley, Essex, Chelmsford, Wigan, Seymour, Northampton, Southampton, Colchester, Sheffield, Halifax, Andover, Grimsby, Leighton Buzzard, Burton on Trent, Crawley, Basildon, Baintree, Winchester, Colchester, Godalming, Nuneaton, Derby, Eastbourne, Hemel Hempstead, Leicester, Herne Bay, High Wycombe, Burnley, Leicester, Luton, Oldham, Scunthorpe, Stoke on Trent, Watford, Taunton, Basingstoke, Leeds, Barnsley, Bicester, Bracknell, Farnborough, Baintree, Winchester, Lincoln, Ayr, Bolton, Durham, Chester, Sheffield, Windsor, Liverpool, Leeds, Sheffield, Bristol, Manchester, Leicester, Nottingham, Plymouth, Hemel Hempstead, Southampton, Reading, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, York, Sunderland, Southend on Sea, Northampton, Preston, Milton Keynes, Norwich, Bournemouth, Swindon, Belfast, Northumberland, Chelmsford, Dublin, Oxford, Ipswich, Brighton, Gloucester, Cambridge, Exeter, Crawley, Worcester, Canterbury, Carlisle, Cardiff, Swansea, Middlesbrough, Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Ayr, Dumfries, Inverness, Perth and many other cities.

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